IrriCAN Online Decision Support Tool


Derdall, E. S. Guerrero Galvan. 2018. IrriCAN Online Decision Support Tool.

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IrriCAN is a decision support mapping tool to assist farmers to schedule irrigation and monitor crop health using satellite imagery. By making informed decisions, farmers can improve water productivity and implement precision agriculture principals, improving input efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. IrriCAN utilizes the Google Earth Engine, free satellite data, local weather and crop-water models to assist in irrigation scheduling. Satellite-derived Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data is used in irrigation scheduling modelling; non-irrigators can also benefit from viewing NDVI throughout the growing season as it is an indicator of crop health. IrriCAN was developed to assist in making sustainable production management decisions. The decision to irrigate rests solely on the user.

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