Luchino Cohen

Exploration scientist

Expert in Space Life Sciences

Current research and/or projects

No research activities

Key publications

  • Robinson J.A., et al. International Space Station Benefits for Humanity, Second Edition. Technical Report from the ISS Program, 2015.
  • Dubeau-Laramée G., Rivière C., Jean I, Mermut O. and Cohen L.Y. Microflow1, a sheathless fiber-optic flow cytometry biomedical platform: Demonstration onboard the international space station. Cytometry, Part A, 85A(4):322-331, 2014.
  • Cohen L.Y., Fortin M., Leclair S., Mermut O., Dubeau-Laramee G., and Provencal D. Cellular and molecular biology during space flight. Gravitational and Space Biology 25-1, 60-63, 2011.
  • Cohen L.Y., Vernon M., and Bergeron M.G. New molecular technologies against infectious diseases during space flight. Acta Astronautica 63, 769-775, 2008.
  • Cohen L.Y., Bourbonnière M., Sabbagh L., Bouchard A., Chew T., Jeannequin P., Lazure C. and Sekaly R.P. Notch1 anti-apoptotic activity is abrogated by caspase cleavage in dying T lymphocytes. Cell Death & Differentiation 12(3):243-54, 2005.
  • Cohen L.Y.*, Alam A.* , Aouad S., and Sekaly R.P. Early activation of caspases during T lymphocyte stimulation results in selective substrate cleavage in non-apoptotic cells. (* Cohen and Alam co-authors). J. Exp. Med. 190:1879-1890. 1999.