Dr. Carla Osiowy


Chef, Pathogènes à diffusion hématogène et hépatite

Chercheur scientifique

Principales publications

Bouckaert, R., Simons, B.C., Krarup, H., Friesen, T.M., and Osiowy, C. (2017) Tracing hepatitis B virus (HBV) genotype B5 (formerly B6) evolutionary history in the circumpolar Arctic through phylogeographic modelling. PeerJ 5:e3757.

Huynh, C., Minuk, G.Y., Uhanova, J., Baikie, M., Wong, T., Osiowy, C. (2017) Serological and molecular epidemiological outcomes after two decades of universal infant hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination in Nunavut, Canada. Vaccine 35:4515-4522.

Gao, S., Duan, Z., Chen, Y., van der Meer, F., Lee, S.S., Osiowy, C., van Marle, G., Coffin, C.S. (2017) Compartmental HBV evolution and replication in liver and extrahepatic sites after nucleos/tide analogue therapy in chronic hepatitis B carriers. Journal of Clinical Virology 94:8-14.

Osiowy, C., Andonov, A., Fonseca, K., Swidinsky, K., Giles, E., Mason, A., Coffin, C.S. (2017) Transmission of hepatitis D virus between spouses: a longitudinal study of the first reported Canadian case. IDCases 8:37-41.

Osiowy, C., Kowalec, K., and Giles, E. (2016) Discordant diagnostic results due to a hepatitis B virus T123A HBsAg mutant. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 85(3):328-333.

Osiowy, C., Coffin, C., and Andonov, A. (2016) Review of laboratory tests used in monitoring hepatitis B response to pegylated interferon and nucleos(t)ide analog therapy. Current Treatment Options in Infectious Disease 8:177-193.

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