Research is improving crop production and lowering environmental impacts for small fruits, vegetables and novel crops to meet growing market demands for fresh produce. Integrated pest management strategies (insects, diseases and weeds) and minor use products are developed for horticulture crops (small fruits, vegetables, and high value specialty crops).

Successful solutions

  • Introduced over 10 new small fruit varieties (increased yield, shelf life, crop persistence), widely adopted by domestic and international industry.

  • Developed two new biological control agents for greenhouse vegetables - improved production and reduced pesticide use.

  • Discoveries in pheromone biology and genomics of cranberry tipworm and blueberry gall midge have reduced the impact of these economically important pests.

  • Innovative integrated pest management programs have improved control of wireworms and reduced the use of environmentally adverse pesticides.

  • Two new bio-pesticides are in the process of being registered to control soil pests (including wireworms) and cabbage loopers.

  • Contributed to over 200 new minor use pesticide registrations through field trials of various pesticides, herbicides and growth regulators for horticultural crop protection in B.C. over the past ten years.

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