The flax breeding database (FlaxDB).


Jia G, You FM, Cloutier S, Deyholos MK, and Booker H. The flax breeding database (FlaxDB). XXVII Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, USA, January 12-16, 2019. PE1082


FlaxDB is a comprehensive database that includes ~1.7 million SNPs from 407 flax accessions and 43,000 predicted genes and annotation from a reference genome CDC Bethune. Agronomic, fibre, and quality traits were evaluated under multi-environments for the flax core collection and a pedigree database of Canadian cultivars registered from 1910 to 2015 was built. Three main function models, phenotype, pedigree, SNPs, and genomic information were integrated to apply to various queries by genotype, gene, scaffold, sequence, and chromosome, generating results that could be associated with specific trait performance. FlaxDB bridging phenotype and genotype can facilitate MAS and GS applications in flax breeding.

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