Consumer acceptability of whole and split yellow peas in two different matrices (chili and muffin) evaluated in two settings (consumer panel and by participants in a clinical trial)


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Pulses, like yellow peas, have demonstrated health benefits including cholesterol lowering and reduction in postprandial glycemic response. Foods developed containing pulses in amounts required for health benefits may exhibit inferior sensory quality. Food matrix, ingredients added to mitigate negative sensory effects and/or participant motivation for healthy eating could affect acceptability of pulse-fortified food. The objective of this study was to develop foods that could show a decrease in postprandial glycemic response and assess their acceptability in different settings. Vegetable chili and cinnamon muffins were made from a base recipe to which 25g available carbohydrates were added from cooked whole yellow peas (97.5g/serving) or split yellow peas (74g/serving). Acceptability of aroma, appearance, flavor, texture and overall acceptance was assessed by consumers in a laboratory setting (n=117) and participants in a postprandial clinical trial setting (n=24/chili; n=24/muffin) using the 9-point hedonic scale. For aroma, significant interaction of food by pea type showed that the whole pea chili was more acceptable whereas the split pea muffin was more acceptable. The significant interaction of setting by food showed that for aroma and appearance the clinical trial group found the chili more acceptable. For flavor and overall acceptability, both groups found the chili more acceptable than muffins. For texture, chili rated significantly higher in acceptance compared to the muffin. Significantly higher frequency of eating the food was found for the clinical trial group compared to the laboratory group. Chili may have been rated more acceptable than muffins due to the higher ratio of pea to other ingredients in muffins than chili, or that peas are traditionally not ingredients in muffins, while peas are similar to beans which are in chili. The chili would be recommended compared to the muffin based on its higher flavor, texture, and overall acceptability as well as frequency of eating ratings.

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