Dr. Rasim Latifovic

Environmental Scientist

Current research and/or projects

Over twenty-five years of experience in Earth science research and development including mining, geology, and remote sensing in academia, at research institutions, and in the Government of Canada.

  • Internationally recognized expertise in the field of satellite based EO for land surface monitoring and characterization
  • Development of new methodologies for generating long term national scale satellite-based data records.
  • Research on EO methods and advanced applications for natural resources management and assessment of anthropogenic and natural impacts on the environment, including climate change. 
  • Provided scientific leadership in the North America Land Cover Monitoring  System collaborative project carried out jointly by Canada and United States and Mexico
  • Published 50 research articles (as first author and co-author) in reputable peer reviewed international journals. 

Education and awards

Ph.D. Mining Engineering U. Laval, Canada

M.Sc. Surface Mining Engineering   U. Beograd, former Yugoslavia

B.Sc. Mining Engineering U. Tuzla, former Yugoslavia

2009  Earth Sciences Sector Team Recognition Award for ''NALCMS (North American Land Cover Monitoring System)

2009  Earth Sciences Sector Team Recognition Award for ''Northern Land Cover Mapping''

2006  Earth Sciences Sector Merit Award for Innovation Mapping Canada's North for Climate Studies and Carbon Accounting - Team Member

2005  NRCAN Departmental Merit Award and ESS Merit Award for creativity and innovation.

2004  Earth Science Sector Merit Award in recognition for outstanding contribution toward the Global Land Cover Mapping 2000 Initiative

2003  Earth Science Sector Merit Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to team work and collaboration

2001  Earth Science Sector Merit Award for technology transfer (design and development of the GEOCOMP-N satellite image processing system and technology transfer to the industry )

1999  Earth Science Sector Merit Award for exceptional job dedication and contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of the sector.

Key publications

Latifovic, R., Pouliot, D. and Olthof, I. 2009.  North America Land Change Monitoring System: Canadian perspective. 30th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, June 22-25, 2009: Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

Latifovic, R and Pouliot D.2006.Analysis of climate change impacts on the lake ice phenology in Canada using the historical satellite data record. Remote Sensing of Environment,106 pp. 492-507

Latifovic, R., and Olthof, I. 2005. Accuracy assessment using sub-pixel fractional error matrices of global land cover products derived from satellite data. Remote Sensing of Environment 90:116-127.

Latifovic, R., and Pouliot, D. 2005. Multi-temporal landcover mapping for Canada: methodology and product. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing vol. 31, N5, pp 347-363

Latifovic, R., Fytas, K., Chen, J., and Paraszczak, J. 2005. Assessing land cover change resulting from large surface mining development. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 7:29-48.

Latifovic, R., Trishchenko, P. A., Chen, J., Park, M. W., Khlopenkov, V. K., Fernandes, A. R., Pouliot, D., Ungureanu, C., Luo, Y., Wang, S.,  Davidson, A., and Cihlar, J. 2005. Generating historical AVHRR 1-km baseline satellite data records over Canada suitable for climate change studies. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing vol. 31, N5, pp 324-346.

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