Dr. Navid Shirzadi

Image Navid Shirzadi
Research Scientist

My primary focus is on integrating building simulation modeling and machine learning techniques to enhance building performance.

Current research and/or projects

I am actively engaged in seeking novel methods to bridge the gap between expected and actual building performance. My aim is to leverage advanced technologies, specifically building simulation modeling and deep learning, to achieve more accurate predictions and optimize the overall performance of buildings. 

Professional activities / interests

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I am actively engaged in other research areas, including:

  • Techno-Economic Assessment and optimal design of Renewable Energy Systems in Urban Areas

  • Energy Management and Control

  • Renewable Energy Forecasting using AI Methods

Education and awards

PhD Civil Engineering, Concordia University

M.A.Sc. Energy Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Key publications

  1. Shirzadi, N., Nasiri, F., Menon, R.P., Monsalvete, P., Kaifel, A., & Eicker, U. (2023). Smart Urban Wind Power Forecasting: Integrating Weibull Distribution, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Numerical Weather Prediction. Energies.
  2. Shirzadi, N., Rasoulian, H., Nasiri, F., & Eicker, U. (2022). Resilience Enhancement of an Urban Microgrid during Off-Grid Mode Operation Using Critical Load Indicators. Energies.
  3. Nasiri, F., Ooka, R., Haghighat, F., Shirzadi, N., Dotoli, M., Carli, R., Scarabaggio, P., Behzadi, A., Rahnama, S., Afshari, A., Kuznik, F., Fabrizio, E., Choudhary, R., & Sadrizadeh, S. (2022). Data Analytics and Information Technologies for Smart Energy Storage Systems: A State-of-the-Art Review. Sustainable Cities and Society.
  4. Shirzadi, N., Nasiri, F., El-Bayeh, C., & Eicker, U. (2021). Optimal dispatching of renewable energy‐based urban microgrids using a deep learning approach for electrical load and wind power forecasting. International Journal of Energy Research, 46, 3173 - 3188.
  5. El‐Bayeh, C.Z., Zellagui, M., Shirzadi, N., & Eicker, U. (2021). A Novel Optimization Algorithm for Solar Panels Selection towards a Self-Powered EV Parking Lot and Its Impact on the Distribution System. Energies.
  6. Shirzadi, N., Nizami, A., Khazen, M., & Nik-Bakht, M. (2021). Medium-Term Regional Electricity Load Forecasting through Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Designs, 5, 27.
  7. Shirzadi, N., Nasiri, F., & Eicker, U. (2020). Optimal Configuration and Sizing of an Integrated Renewable Energy System for Isolated and Grid-Connected Microgrids: The Case of an Urban University Campus. Energies.
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