Index Fungorum. Nomenclatural Novelties


Redhead, S.A. 2019. Index Fungorum. Nomenclatural Novelties 385: 1

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The mushroom family, Amanitaceae, was revised by a Chinese mycological laboratory headed by Dr. Zhuliang Yang. One of the generic names used by them after using DNA-based phylogenetic analyses was Myxoderma. Unfortunately this name is illegitimate and must be replaced. The name Zhuliangomyces was published to replace it and to honour Dr. Yang's contributions to mushroom taxonomy. Zhuliangomyces illinitus occurs in Canada.


Validation of the mushroom genus: Zhuliangomyces, and combinations in that genus:
Zhuliangomyces illinitus
Zhuliangomyces lenticularis
Zhuliangomyces ochraceoluteus
Zhuliangomyces olivaceus
Zhuliangomyces subillinitus

replacing the illegitimate name Myxoderma.

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