GHG Reduction in Livestock Production Outcomes Report


EU-Canada CETA Agriculture Dialogue Workshop: GHG Reduction in Livestock Production Outcomes Report -

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This outcomes report is an outgrowth of the second in a series of five joint events between Canada and the European Union (EU) "to promote sustainability, environmental stewardship and climate action in agriculture, within the framework of the Agriculture Dialogue" under the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA).Endnote1 This workshop, titled Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction in Livestock Production, brought together over 110 Canadian and European livestock sector stakeholders. These workshop participants explored the policy context, as well as good practices, research and innovation for GHG reduction in livestock production. A final wrap-up conference will summarize the reports from the various workshops (that is, soil health; GHG reduction in livestock production; fertilizer use in agriculture; pesticide use in agriculture; and organic agriculture).

This report synthesizes what was heard at the workshop; the report does not provide a comprehensive overview of the latest policy and research on GHG reduction in livestock production. As a result of the focus in some discussions, some subsections of the report provide more detail on the experiences in the European Union, while other subsections delve further into the Canadian context. Similarly, some discussions focused more on one sector, such as beef cattle, devoting less time to other sectors, such as dairy cattle and other ruminants.

Workshop participants discussed enteric methane emissions from grain- and pasture-based diets, as well as manure management and treatment of effluents.

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