Epigenetic regulation of somatic embryogenesis in berry plants.


Debnath, S.C. and Ghosh, A. (2022). Epigenetic regulation of somatic embryogenesis in berry plants. International Horticultural Congress, Angers, France. August 14-20, 2022. Abstract; Poster Presentation.


Somatic embryogenesis (SE) technique is an effective mean to multiply and conserve genotypes with superior germplasm. It can also increase genetic variability for conventional plant breading. This technique is a useful research tool of plant developmental biology. It has been observed that SE that is induced with the application of plant growth regulators (PGRs) in various plant explants is intimately linked with a vast reprogramming of the plant epigenome. The striking changes in the epigenome profiles of the plants during SE induction results from the modulation of gene expression by the epigenetic factors towards embryogenic development and maturation. Epigenetic regulation of gene expression is majorly controlled by DNA methylation, chromatin remodelling, and small RNAs. In addition to these there are other epigenetic factors such as microRNAs have been identified regulating post-transcriptional processes during gene expression. In recent years epigenetic regulation has been recognized as one of the most interesting phenomena which occur during the plant SE. In this paper we summarize the current state of knowledge regarding the role of epigenetic mechanisms during SE in berry plants. This review also delivers comprehensive and systematic knowledge of recent discoveries on the complex interactions between the epigenetic factors during SE process.

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