Bacterial detection and induced immune responses in barley


Elizabeth Brauer, Doris Luckert, Stephanie Poncos, Hannah Morrison, Whynn Bosnich, Melodie Laniel, Martin Charette, Andrew Burt, James Tucker, Raja Khanal, Bahram Samanfar: Bacterial detection and induced immune responses in barley. Canadian Society of Plant Biologists(CSPB), 2023, Quebec City, Canada.


Plants are equipped to defend themselves against microbial pathogens through both constitutive and inducible resistance mechanisms. One of the best characterized triggers of inducible immunity is bacterial flagellin which activates transient signal transduction through LRR RLK receptor-mediated recognition of peptide epitopes from the flagellin protein. In barley, the flagellin epitopes and underlying genetic pathways involved in flagellin response are still not well understood. In this work, we characterized epitope recognition in barley and identified a genetic region involved in the flagellin-induced ROS response using biparental QTL mapping. Transcriptional analysis revealed five flagellin-responsive LRR RLKs within the QTL region and differences in defense gene expression between high and low flagellin responsive parental lines. Further sequencing indicates that the low flagellin response parent contains a deletion within one of these LRR RLKs, suggesting a role in flagellin sensitivity. Together, this work improves our understanding of bacterial responses in cereal crops and may help with future efforts to improve resistance to agricultural pests.