2018/2019 Nova Scotia Wine Grape Bud Hardiness Report no. 6: January 7 – 8


2018/2019 Nova Scotia Wine Grape Bud Hardiness Report no. 6: January 7 – 8


A wine grape bud hardiness report is generated and distributed to the Grape Growers of Nova Scotia (GGANS) membership on a bi-weekly basis throughout the dormant season. The bi-weekly survey is performed on 3 vinifera cultivars (‘Chardonnay’, ‘Riesling’, ‘Pinot Noir’) and 2 hybrid cultivars (‘L’Acadie Blanc’, ‘Marquette’) and involves 10 grower collaborators for a total of 23 varietal blocks in total. Each report uses a table to show the latest low temperature exotherm (LTE) levels for the present and past weeks. The report also includes comments highlighting observations over the last reporting period, a plot showing the change in LTE values throughout the season, the historical 100 year minimum values and the present year’s minimum values. Three times throughout the season (early, middle, late) 11 “extra” varieties (‘Baco Noir’, ‘Chenin Blanc’, ‘Geisenheim’, ‘Leon Millot’, ‘Lucie Kuhlman’, ‘New York Muscat’, ‘Pinot Gris’, ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, ‘Seyval Blanc’, ‘Seyval Blanc’, ‘Vidal Blanc’, ‘Ortega’) from 22 additional varietal blocks are also reported.

Bud hardiness values have plateaued and are currently very close to their deep winter values observed in 2016/17 and 2017/18. Based on past years, I do not expect the hardiness values to go any lower as the winter progresses. The table below shows the results for the 5 varieties included in our regular survey, as well as another 10 varieties sampled in the week of December 17th. The list of additional varieties is based on both common, well-known varieties, such as ‘Lucie Kuhlman’ and ‘Baco Noir’, as well as less common tender varieties, like ‘Chenin Blanc’ and ‘Sauvignon Blanc’.

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