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Section Head, Quantitative Assessment Methods Section

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Dr Robyn Forrest is a Research Scientist at the Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo. She is Section Head of the Quantitative Assessment Methods Section, which collaboratively develops quantitative methods and tools to improve advice for management of Pacific fisheries.

Her main research interests are: management strategy evaluation for fisheries; implementation of ecosystem-based fishery management; productivity and management of data-limited species; and performance of fishery management systems.

Major research projects include:

  • Analysis of spatial changes in fishing effort dynamics in BC's groundfish fishery since the introduction of 100% at-sea monitoring.
  • Application of geostatistics and other statistical methods to investigate distribution and abundance of groundfish species relative to environmental variables.
  • Development and simulation testing of a tiered system to select stock assessment methods for data-limited species.
  • Closed loop simulation to evaluate performance of harvest control rules for groundfish species.

She is Canadian scientific advisor to the Commissioners of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC: and author of recent stock assessments for Pacific Cod, Pacific Hake and Arrowtooth Flounder. She is a member of the Halibut Advisory Board, Groundfish Integrated Advisory Board, IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board, and Canadian Halibut Strategic Working Group.

Dr Forrest is Adjunct Faculty at the University of British Columbia and is collaborating with several researchers there on various projects.

Prix et études


  • PhD (2008), L'Université de la Colombie-Britannique
  • BSc (Hons 1) (2000), Université de Sydney, Australie
  • BA (1988), Curtin University, Australie-Occidentale

Principales publications

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