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My research uses the stable isotopes of Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulphur, and chlorine to address a wide variety of problems within environmental science.  In general, the stable isotope ratios in animals, rocks, water, and plants (and even consumer products) vary depending on their geographic origin around the world. This allows researchers to use isotopes as a kind of forensic tracer of origin. The applications here are numerous, ranging from food adulteration, fingerprinting of oil spills, migratory animal tracking, to tracking the source of contaminants.

  • Stable isotope hydrology and aqueous geochemistry.
  • Analytical geochemistry.
  • Stable isotope tracing of environmental contaminants.
  • Stable isotope ecology.
  • Stable isotope forensics.

Prix et études

B.Sc. Adv. 1988.. Saskatchewan. Geological Sciences

Ph.D. 1997. Saskatchewan. Stable Isotope Geochemistry.

Principales publications

Soto, D.X., Koehler, G. and Hobson, K.A., 2015. Combining Denitrifying Bacteria and Laser Spectroscopy for Isotopic Analyses (δ15N, δ18O) of Dissolved Nitrate. Analytical chemistry, 87(14), pp.7000-7005.

 Hobson, K.A. and Koehler, G., 2015. On the use of stable oxygen isotope (δ18O) measurements for tracking avian movements in North America. Ecology and evolution, 5(3), pp.799-806.

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L. I. Wassenaar, J. J. Venkiteswaran, S. L. Schiff, G. Koehler.  2010.  Aquatic community metabolism response to municipal effluent inputs in rivers quantified using diel d18O values of dissolved oxygen.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 67:1232-1246, 10.1139/F10-057

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Selected Abstracts

 Hendry, M. Jim, Novakowski, Kent, Smith, Laura, Koehler, Geoff, & Wassenaar, L.I. (2012). Long-term solute transport through thick Cretaceous shale in the Williston Basin Canada using naturally-occurring tracer profiles. Clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement - 5 International meeting Book of abstracts, (p. 923). France


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Koehler, G. 2010.  A flow-through water liquid-vapour equilibrator for continuous measurement of the stable isotopic compositions of natural waters by WS-CRDS laser spectroscopy.   CFIRMS-2010, Montreal, QC.


Gibson, J.J., Prowse, T.D., Pietroniro, A., Wassenaar, L.I., Koehler, G., 2003 Isotope tracing of water balance and climatic variability along the Mackenzie River,  Isotope hydrology and integrated water resources management, 40th Anniversary International Symposium, 19-23 May 2003, IAEA, Vienna Austria.


Wassenaar L.I., and  Koehler, G. 2002.  The stable oxygen isotopic composition (18O/17O/16O) of dissolved oxygen in aquatic ecosystems. 3rd International conference on Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies, Flagstaff, AZ, April 2002.


Wassenaar L.I., and  Koehler, G. 2001.  A rapid on-line technique for the determination of the d d18O of molecular and dissolved oxygen in natural waters. 7th Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Conference, Calgary, August 2001.


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Koehler, G. and Kyser, T. K.  1990.  Stable isotope geochemistry of carnallite. (abstract) GSA abstracts with programs. v22, no7.


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Adjunct Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan.