Erin Karppinen, Ph.D.

Prix et études

PhD Soil Science; University of Saskatchewan

BSc Environmental Science; University of Saskatchewan

Principales publications

  1. Western Soybean Protein. Presentation at Northern Soybean Summit. Soy Canada. 25 January 2022.

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  2. Delavaux, C.S., Bever, J.D., Karppinen, E.M., Bainard, L.D. (2020). Keeping it cool: Soil sample cold pack storage and DNA shipment up to 1 month does not impact metabarcoding results. Ecology and Evolution, [online] 10(11), 4652-4664.

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  3. Karppinen, E.M., Payment, J., Chatterton, S., Bainard, J.D., Hubbard, M., Gan, Y., Bainard, L.D. (2020). Distribution and abundance of Aphanomyces euteiches in agricultural soils: effect of land use type, soil properties, and crop management practices. Applied Soil Ecology, [online] 150

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Installation de recherche

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Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists