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Principales publications

1. Brauer, EK, Rocheleau, H, Balcerzak, M, Pan, Y, Wang, Li, Zheng, W, Ouellet, T (2019) Transcriptional and hormonal profiling of Fusarium graminearum-infected wheat reveals an association between auxin and susceptibility. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 107: 33-19.


2. Brauer, EK, Popescu, GV, Singh, DK, Calviño, M, Gupta, K, Gupta, B, Chakravarthy, S, Popescu, SC (2018) Integrative network-centric approach reveals kinase signaling pathways associated with plant resistance and susceptibility to Pseudomonas syringae. PLOS Biology 16(12): e2005956.

3. Bahadoor, A, Brauer, EK, Bosnich, W, Schneiderman, D, Johnston, A, Aubin, Y, Blackwell, B, Melanson, JE, Harris, LJ (2018) Gramillin A and B: cyclic lipopeptides identified as the biosynthetic products of Fusarium graminearum NRPS8. Journal of the American Chemical Society 140(48): 16783-16791 (featured article).

4. De Benedictis, M, Brunetti, C, Brauer, EK, Andreucci, A, Popescu, SC, Commisso, M, Guzzo, F, Sofo, A, Vatamaniuk, OK, di Toppi, LS (2018) The Arabidopsis thaliana knockout mutant for phytochelatin synthase1 (cad1-3) is defective in callose deposition, bacterial pathogen defense and auxin content. Frontiers in Plant Science 9: 1-14.

5. Popescu, SC, Brauer, EK, Dimliogu, G, Popescu, GV (2017) Insights into the structure, function, and ion-mediated signaling pathways transduced by plant integrin-linked kinases. Frontiers in Plant Science 8(376): 1-10.

6. Brauer, EK, Ahsan, N, Calvino, M, Thelen, JJ, Popescu, SC (2016) The Raf-like kinase ILK1 and the high affinity K+ transporter HAK5 are required for innate immunity and abiotic stress response. Plant Physiology 171(2): 1470-1484.

7. Saha, J, Brauer, EK, Sengupta, A, Popescu, SC, Gupta, K, Gupta, B (2015) Polyamines as redox homeostasis regulators during salt stress in plants. Frontiers in Environmental Science 3: 1-13.

8. Brauer, EK, Popescu, SC, Popescu, G (2014) Use of protein microarrays for high-throughput characterization of protein kinases. Methods in Molecular Biology 1171: 217-235.

9. Singh, D, Calviño, M, Brauer, EK, Fernandez-Pozo, N, Strickler, S, Yalamanchili, R, Suzuki, H, Aoki, K, Shibata, D, Suzuki, H, Stratmann, J, Mueller, L, Popescu, SC (2014) Development of high-throughput methods to study the tomato kinome. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 27(1): 7-17.

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11. Brauer, EK, Rochon, A, Bi, YM, Bozzo, GG, Rothstein, SJ, Shelp, BJ (2011) Reappraisal of nitrogen use efficiency in rice overexpressing glutamine synthetase1. Physiologia Plantarum 141(4): 361-372.

12. Brauer, EK and Shelp, BJ (2010) Nitrogen use efficiency: re-consideration of the bioengineering approach. Botany 88(2): 103-109.