Dr. Xiaomeng Wang

Chercheur scientifique

Prix et études

PhD. Analytical Chemistry, University of Toronto, 2008

MEng. Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, 2016

B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, Jilin University, 2003

Principales publications

  • X. Wang*, K. Kasperski, A. Cook and A. Ilko, "Preliminary studies on the impact of in situ oil sand extraction methods on the movement of water soluble organics and inorganics by a pilot scale test", Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 2018, 4, 1124-1132 (*corresponding author, Journal cover highlight).
  • X. Wang* and K. Kasperski, "Quantitative determination of multiple surfactants in water using HPLC-MS/MS", Analytical Methods, 2018, 10, 2512 - 2525 (*corresponding author).
  • L. Robinson, X. Wang*, J. Stoesz, "Detection of selected volatile organic chemicals in multiphase systems using a headspace GC-MS method", Energy&Fuels, 2017, 31 (11), 11925-11931 (*corresponding author).
  • X. Wang, "Review of characterization methods for water soluble polymers used in oil sand/heavy oil industrial applications", Environmental Reviews, 2016, 24 (4), 460-470.
  • X. Wang, L. Robinson, Q. Wen, K. Kasperski, "Determination of thermodynamic and transport parameters of naphthenic acids and organic process chemicals in oil sand tailings pond water", Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 2013, 15 (7), 1411 - 1423.
  • X. Wang, K. Kasperski, "Analysis of naphthenic acids in aqueous solution using HPLC-MS/MS", Analytical Methods, 2010, 2(11), 1715-1722.

Installation de recherche

1 Oil Patch Drive
Devon, AB T9G 1A8



Autres langues

Chinois Mandarin