Dr. Jose Segura Plaza

Image Jose Francisco Segura Plaza
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Jose Segura Plaza has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Organic chemistry. He obtained his Ph.D. with honors from the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, in 2015. His thesis research studies were in Veterinary Science, in the areas of livestock, nutrition, food chemistry, and meat quality.

Dr. Segura works with Dr. López Campos in the Carcass and Quality Merit program and is part of the larger team encompassing Meat Quality headed by Dr. Aalhus, Meat Sensory headed by Dr. Prieto Benavides, and Meat Phenomics headed by Dr. Juárez.

Dr. Segura joined the team in April 2019 as a Post-Doctoral Fellow under AAFC-Postdoctoral Research Pilot Program. 


Recherche et / ou projets en cours

Research into carcass and meat quality issues providing critical support for growth in complexity and competitiveness of the Meat Industry.

  • Evaluation of factors influencing meat compositional traits
  • Comparison of technologies used for measuring meat quality and carcass traits

Énoncés de recherches/projets

  • Development of yield prediction tools to optimize carcass cut-out value.
  • Developing a Canadian Total Quality Management System for Beef Processing.
  • Beef Quality Canada’s National Beef Quality Audit at Retail and Processing.
  • Evaluating the Canadian beef grading ruler to predict USDA five yield grades based on a modified yield percentage matrix.
  • Classifying Canadian pork based on quality attributes.

Activités professionnelles / intérêts

  • Carcass Merit and Market Competitiveness.

  • Carcass classification (beef, bison, veal, pork and lamb).

  • Grading systems (beef, bison, veal and lamb).

  • Meat Quality.

Prix et études

  • 2015 - Ph.D. in Veterinary Science (Meat science). Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).
  • 2007 - Master in Organic Chemistry. University of Valencia (Spain).
  • 2005 - B.Sc. Chemistry. University of Valencia (Spain).

Expérience et / ou de travail international

  • April 2019 - present: Post-doctoral Researcher. Meat Quality. Carcass Merit and Market Competitiveness. Lacombe Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

  • 2007 –. Ph.D. Student. Circular Dichroism. University of Budapest (Hungary).

Principales publications

- Segura Plaza, J., Aalhus, J.L., Larsen, I.L., Prieto, N., Dugan, M.E.R., López-Campos, O., Development and validation of the Canadian retail cut beef yield grades, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, doi.org/10.1139/CJAS-2020-0035

- Prieto, N., Segura, J., Dugan, M.E.R., Juárez, M., López-Campos, Ó., Zijlstra, R.T., Aalhus, J.L., Predicción de la composición de la canal mediante espectroscopía de infrarrojo cercano en el pabellón auricular de cerdos, Eurocarne, 2019, 282, 51-56.