Dre Jess Vickruck

Recherche et / ou projets en cours

- Biogéographie des insectes bénéfiques dans les écosystèmes agroenvironnementaux

Prix et études

Ph. D. en biologie (écologie et évolution), Université Brock, 2017

M. Sc. en biologie (écologie et évolution), Université Brock, 2010

B. Sc. S. en zoologie, Université de Guelph, 2006

Principales publications

Vickruck, J.L., Best, L.R, Gavin, M.P, Devries, J. Galpern, P. (2019) The influence of in-field wetland habitat on the abundance and diversity of native bees in prairie agroecosystems. Biological Conservation, 232: 43–50.

Vickruck, J.L. and Richards, M. H. (2017) Nesting habits influence population genetic structure of a bee living in anthropogenic disturbance. Molecular Ecology, 26: 2674–2686.

Vickruck, J.L. (2015) Development of sixteen novel microsatellite markers for the eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica (Hymenoptera: Apidae), through paired-end Illumina sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources 7: 427–429.

Vickruck, J.L. and Richards, M.H. (2012) Niche partitioning based on nest site selection in the small carpenter bees Ceratina mikmaqi and C. calcarata. Animal Behaviour 83: 1083–1089.

Vickruck, J.L., Rehan, S.M., Sheffield, C.S. and Richards, M.H. (2011) Nesting biology and barcode analysis of two cryptic species within Ceratina dupla, with comparisons to C. calcarata (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopinae). The Canadian Entomologist 143: 254–262.

Richards, M.H., Rutgers-Kelly, A., Gibbs, J., Vickruck, J.L., Rehan, S. M. and Sheffield, C.S. (2011) Bee diversity in naturalizing patches of Carolinian grasslands in southern Ontario. The Canadian Entomologist 143: 279–299.

Vickruck, J.L., Huber, J.T. and Richards, M.H. (2010) Natural enemies of the bee genus Ceratina (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in the Niagara Region, Ontario Canada. Journal of the Entomological Society of Ontario 141: 11–26.

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