Charles Hannah

Chercheur scientifique

Prix et études

PhD Physics, University of British Columbia, 1992

BASc (Engineering Physics), University of British Columbia, 1985

Principales publications

  1. Hannah, C.G., Frédéric Dupont and Michael Dunphy. 2009. Polynyas and Tidal Currents in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Arctic 62:83-95.
  2. Hannah, C.G., F. Dupont, Collins, K., Dunphy, M., D. Greenberg. 2008. Update on the Validation of a Tidal Model for the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Can. Tech. Rep. Hydrogr. Ocean Sci. 259: vi + 62 pp.
  3. Kostylev, V.E., and Hannah, C.G., 2007, Process-driven characterization and mapping of seabed habitats. In: Todd, B.J., and Greene, H.G., eds., Mapping the Seafloor for Habitat Characterization: Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper 47, p. 171-184.
  4. Dupont, F., C. G. Hannah, and D. Greenberg. 2005. Modelling the sea level in the upper Bay of Fundy. Atmosphere-Ocean 43, 33-47.
  5. Dupont F., C.G. Hannah, D.A. Greenberg, J.Y. Cherniawsky and C.E. Naimie. 2002. Modelling system for tides for the Northwest Atlantic Coastal Ocean. Can. Tech. Rep. Hydrog. Ocean Sci. 221: vii+72 pp.
  6. Hannah, C. G., J. Shore, J. W. Loder, and C. E. Naimie. 2001. Seasonal circulation on the western and central Scotian Shelf. J. Physical Oceanography. 31:591-615.
  7. Hannah, C. G., J. A. Shore and J. W. Loder. 2000. The retention-drift dichotomy on Browns Bank: a model study of interannual variability. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 57: 2506-2518.
  8. Shore, J. A., C. G. Hannah and J. W. Loder. 2000. Drift pathways on the western Scotian shelf and its evirons. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 57: 2488-2505.

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