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Chercheur scientifique – Agroécologie

Mon programme consiste à étudier comment les processus écologiques peuvent être appliqués à la régénération d'agroécosystèmes. Nous traitons chaque ferme, comme une petite planète, pour essayer de la rendre aussi auto-renouvelante que possible et écologiquement efficace.

Recherche et / ou projets en cours

Nous évaluons actuellement le fractionnement du carbone organique du sol dans les divers bassins de matière organique du sol dans des sols modifiés au fumier. C'est une aide pour déterminer le potentiel de séquestration du carbone des sols modifiés au fumier. Nous évaluons également comment la gestion agricole intensive à long terme altère la santé des sols, une réalité à laquelle sont confrontés de nombreux agriculteurs multi-générations du Canada.

Énoncés de recherches/projets


Invited Book Chapters

2019      01. Whalen, J.K., B.W. Thomas, M. Sharifi. 2019. Novel practices and smart technologies to maximize the nitrogen fertilizer value of manure for crop production in cold humid temperate regions. Advances in Agronomy 153:1–85.


Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal Articles

2021      34. Stoeckli, J.L., M. Sharifi, D. Hooker, B.W. Thomas, F. Khaefi, G. Stewart, I. McDonald, B. Deen, C.F. Drury, B.L. Ma, H.R. Motaghian. 2021. Predicting soil nitrogen availability to grain corn in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Journal of Soil Science (In Press)


2021      33. Liu, R. B.W. Thomas, X. Shi, X. Zhang, Z. Wang, Y. Zhang. 2021. Effects of ground cover management on improving water and soil conservation in tree crop systems: A meta-analysis. Catena 199:105085


2021      32. Shah, S.H.H., J. Wang, X. Hao, B.W. Thomas. 2021. Modeling the effect of salt-affected soil on water balance fluxes and nitrous oxide emission using modified DNDC. Journal of Environmental Management 280:111678.


2020      31. Owens, J.L. B.W. Thomas, J.L. Stoeckli, K.A. Beauchemin, T. McAllister, F.J. Larney, X. Hao. 2020. Greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions from stored manure from beef cattle supplemented 3-nitrooxypropanol and monensin to reduce enteric methane emissions. Scientific Reports 10:19310.


2020      30. Zhang, Y., X. Gao, X. Hao, T.W. Alexander, X. Shi, L. Jin, B.W. Thomas*. 2020. Heavy grazing over 64 years reduced soil bacterial diversity in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Canada. Applied Soil Ecology 147:103361.


2019      29. Shen, J., R. Treu, J. Wang, X. Hao, B.W. Thomas. 2019. Modeling growing season and annual cumulative nitrous oxide emissions and emission factors from organically fertilized soils planted with barley in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Agricultural Systems 176:102654.


2019      28. Lupwayi, N.Z., Y. Zhang, X. Hao, B.W. Thomas, A.H. Eastman, T.D. Schwinghamer. 2019. Linking soil microbial biomass and enzyme activities to long-term manure applications and their nonlinear legacy. Pedobiologia 74:34–42.


2019      27. An, H., B. Zhang, B.W. Thomas, R. Beck, W.D. Willms, Y. Li, X. Hao. 2019. Short term recovery of soil and vegetation after abandoning cultivated mixedgrass prairie in Alberta, Canada. Catena 173:321–329.


2019      26. *Thomas, B.W., D. Hunt, S. Bittman, K.D. Hannam, A.J. Messiga, D. Haak, M. Sharifi, X. Hao. 2019. Soil health indicators after 21 yr of no-tillage in south coastal British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 99: 222–225.


2018      25. Thomas, B.W., X. Gao, M. Zhang, E.W. Bork, X. Hao. 2018. Grazing altered carbon exchange in a dry mixedgrass prairie as a function of soil texture. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 98:136–147.


2018      24. Zhang, B., B.W. Thomas, R. Beck, W.D. Willms, M. Zhao, X. Hao. 2018b. Slope position regulates carbon and nitrogen stock response to cattle grazing on Rough Fescue grassland. Journal of Soils and Sediments 18:3228–3234.


2018      23. Shrestha, N.K., B.W. Thomas, X. Du, X. Hao, J. Wang. 2018. Modelling nitrous oxide emissions from rough fescue grassland soils subjected to long term grazing of different intensities using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT). Environmental Science & Pollution Research 25:27362–27377.


2018     22. Gao, X., B.W. Thomas, R. Beck, D.J. Thompson, M. Zhang, W.D. Willms, X. Hao. 2018. Long-term grazing alters soil trace gas fluxes from grasslands in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Canada. Land Degradation & Development 29:292–302.


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Activités professionnelles / intérêts

Rédacteur adjoint de la Revue canadienne de la science du sol

éditeur technique de la Revue canadienne de phytotechnie

Prix et études

Docteur en philosophie (Natural Resource Sciences), Université McGill (2016)

Maîtrise en gestion des ressources et de l'environnement, Université Dalhousie (2012)

Baccalauréat en sciences (biologie),Université de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard (2009)

Principales publications

  1. Xiying Hao, Jessica Stoeckli, and Ben W. Thomas. 2019. Assessing Soil Health Indicators for Manure-Amended Soils. Manure Management Update 2019. Jan 14, 2019. Lethbridge, AB. Canada

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  2. Whalen, J.K., B.W. Thomas, M. Sharifi. 2019. Novel practices and smart technologies to maximize the nitrogen fertilizer value of manure for crop production in cold humid temperate regions. Advances in Agronomy 153:1–85.

    2019 - Consulter les détails de la publication

  3. Thomas, B.W.*, J.K. Whalen, M. Sharifi, M.H. Chantigny, X. Hao. 2018. Nitrogen mineralization in sandy loam and silty clay soils receiving liquid swine and dairy cattle manure. Joint Annual Meeting of Canadian Geophysical Union-Canadian Soil Science Society-Computational Infrastructure in Geodynamics-Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America-Canadian Society for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. June 10–14, 2018.

    2018 - Consulter les détails de la publication

  4. Jen Owens, Xiying Hao, Ben W. Thomas, Jessica L. Stoeckli, Francis J. Larney, Karen A. Beauchemin, Tim A. McAllister. 2018. Do the effects of dietary greenhouse gas inhibitors persist in beef cattle manure during composting and stockpiling? 2018 Joint Meeting of the CGU-CSSS-CIG-CSAFM-ESSSA. June 10-14, 2018. Niagara Falls, ON. Canada.

    2018 - Consulter les détails de la publication

  5. X. Hao, J.L. Owens, B.W. Thomas, J.L. Stoeckli. 2018. Legacy Effect of Cattle Manure Application on Greenhouse Gas Emission. 2018 CGU, CSSS, CIG, Es-SSA and CSAFM joint annual meeting. June 10-14, 2018. Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

    2018 - Consulter les détails de la publication

  6. Soden, C, Hao X, Thomas BW, Stoeckli K, Floate K, Lupwayi N. 2018. Could dung pats treated with and without ivermectin affect insect activities and impact soil available nitrogen on native pasture? 2018 Alberta Soil Science Workshop, Edmonton AB, Feb 20-22, 2018.

    2018 - Consulter les détails de la publication

  7. Hao, X., C. Soden, J. Stoeckli, B.W. Thomas, K.D. Floate and N. Lupwayi. 2018. Could insect activities reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dung pats? 71st Annual Meeting of the Society for Range Management, Sparks, Nevada, 28 January – 02 February. [oral presentation]

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