Anita Eng, M.Sc.

Recherche et / ou projets en cours

Réseau mondial d'échantillonnage passif atmosphérique

Prix et études

MSc, Science Environnementale

University of Toronto, 2012


BScH, Biochimie et Biologie

Queen's University, 2010

Principales publications

Francisco, A. P., Harner, T., & Eng, A. (2017). Measurement of polyurethane foam–air partition coefficients for semivolatile organic compounds as a function of temperature: Application to passive air sampler monitoring. Chemosphere, 174, 638-642.


Abdollahi, A., Eng, A., Jantunen, L. M., Ahrens, L., Shoeib, M., Parnis, J. M., & Harner, T. (2017). Characterization of polyurethane foam (PUF) and sorbent impregnated PUF (SIP) disk passive air samplers for measuring organophosphate flame retardants. Chemosphere, 167, 212-219.


Eng, A., Su, K., Harner, T., Pozo, K., Sinha, R. K., Sengupta, B., & Loewen, M. (2016). Assessing Dicofol Concentrations in Air: Retrospective Analysis of Global Atmospheric Passive Sampling Network Samples from Agricultural Sites in India. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 3(4), 150-155.


Schuster, J. K., Harner, T., Su, K., Mihele, C., & Eng, A. (2015). First results from the oil sands passive air monitoring network for polycyclic aromatic compounds. Environmental science & technology, 49(5), 2991-2998.


Eng, A., Harner, T., & Pozo, K. (2013). A prototype passive air sampler for measuring dry deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 1(1), 77-81.

Installation de recherche

4905, rue Dufferin
Toronto, ON M3H 5T4