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Research in Phytoplankton Ecology and Biogeochemical Cycles

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Recherche en océanographie biologique.

Principales publications

  1. Denman, K.L., C. Voelker, A. Peña and R. Rivkin. 2006. Modelling the ecosystem response to iron fertilization in the subarctic NE Pacific: The influence of grazing, and Si and N cycling on CO2 drawdown. Deep-Sea Research II. 53: 2327-2352.doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2006.05.026.
  2. Pena, M.A. 2003. Plankton size classes, functional groups and ecosystem dynamics: an introduction. Progress in Oceanography. 57(3-4):239-242.
  3. Pena, M.A. 2003. Modelling the response of the planktonic food web to iron fertilization and warming in the NE Subarctic Pacific. Progress in Oceanography. 57(3-4):453-479.
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  7. Denman, K.L. and M.A. Peña. 1999. A coupled 1-D biological/physical model of the northeast subarctic Pacific Ocean with iron limitation. Deep-Sea Res. II. 46:2877-2908.
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