Alain Grignon

Chef de section en analyse d'information géoscientiques

Gestionnaire d'un group de professionnels en géomatique et programation spécialisées dans l'analyse d'information géoscientifique

Principales publications

Delivering hazard information to the community - landslide risk in District of North Vancouver; Aylsworth, J M; Grignon, A; Dioszeghy, J; in, 4th Annual Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Symposium: abstracts and biographical sketches. 2007, ; p. 29 (ESS Cont.# 20070062). More

Glissement de terrain à la rivière Khyex, Colombie-Britannique; Blais-Stevens, A; Couture, R; Grignon, A. 2004. More

Landslide database management philosophy in the Geological Survey of Canada ; Grignon, A; Bobrowsky, P; Coultish, T. (GSC Cont.# 2004050, Submitted for publication). More

Using an online landslide geodatabase as a thematic discovery tool for maps and imagery; Grignon, A G. (ESS Cont.# 20060253, Submitted for publication). More

Web-services and Standards for Enabling Data Discovery and Integration in a National Landslide WebGIS; Grignon, A G. (ESS Cont.# 20070002, Submitted for publication). More