Title: Research Engineer
Role: As a senior research engineer in Oxy-combustion/G2 group, I have been: 1-  leading R&D tasks on novel energy conversion and power cycles development (e.g. pressurized oxy-combustion, sCO2 power cycles), CO2 capture process, and assist in managing...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Research Scientist
Role: Dr. Glenn’s micrometeorological research directly addresses the Science and Technology Branch science sector strategy on Agroecosystem Resilience which aims to develop knowledge and tools that support sector adaptation to environmental impacts of...
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Location: Brandon, Manitoba
Title: Senior Scientific Evaluator
Organization: Health Canada
Location: 269 Laurier Ave. W, Ottawa, Ontario
Title: Research Scientist
Role: Mainly on R&DD in the science and technologies in the Clean Fossil Fuels team, and currently focusing on the Carbon Capture and Utilization/Storage (CCUS).
Organization: Natural Resources Canada