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Title: Head, Special Pathogens Unit
Role: The Special Pathogens Unit performs both research and diagnsotic services at the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease with a focus on emerging and re-emerging zoonotic agents of veterinary importance.  Research activities include; pathogenesis,...
Organization: Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Title: Risk Assessor
Role: Currently supporting COVID-19 modelling and knowledge synthesis within NML. Past areas of work have included zoonotic pathogens transmitted through routes such as food, water and vectors, disease prioritization tools and disease transmission models...
Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada
Location: NML @ Guelph
Title: Senior Policy Analyst and Science Advisor to the Director
Role: Lead and facilitation of interdisciplinary health, environmental, economic and social policy research for risk assessment and adaptive management concerning health sensitivities, vulnerabilities and impacts from climate change and climate variability, as...
Organization: Health Canada
Location: Climate Change and Innovation Bureau, Safe Environments Program, Ottawa, Ontario
Title: Biologist, Food Microbiology
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Title: Deputy Director
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Science Director
Role: Forest Production and Protection
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Research Scientist
Role: Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Science
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Tree Seed Researcher
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Database Administrator
Role: Knowledge Synthesis Group
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Scientific Support Advisor
Organization: Natural Resources Canada

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