Title: Senior Geomatics Technologist
Role: Produce and develop custom geomatics products utilizing GPS, CAD and GIS.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: Survey General Branch, Atlantic Regional Office - Amherst, Nova Scotia
Title: Remote Sensing Research Scientist
Role: Dr.Castilla leads a small group of researchers who develop and use geospatial technologies to map and monitor land cover, forest structure and composition, and natural (e.g., fire, insect outbreaks) and anthropogenic (forestry, oil and gas) disturbances...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Research Scientist
Role: My research covers a wide range of earth science topics, mainly in the field of crustal deformation, earthquakes, tectonics, climate change and sea level change. A major part of my research has been focusing on to the development and usage of space...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: Pacific Geoscience Centre, Sidney, B.C.