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Title: Epidemiologist
Role: I am actively involved in pharmaceutical safety, drug risk analysis, epidemiological analysis, and real-world evidence evaluation.  My expertise lies in critically appraising quantitative and qualitative evidence to develop evidence-based decision-making...
Organization: Health Canada
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Title: Corporate Regulatory Enforcement Officer
Role: Contribute to the research/ analysis and application of infrastructure implementation • Ensure consistency in the understanding & application of related policies, procedures, regulations & provide guidance. • Contribute to the management of...
Organization: Health Canada
Location: Main stat building
Title: Team Leader
Organization: Health Canada
Title: Scientific Evaluator
Organization: Health Canada
Title: Clinical Evaluator
Organization: Health Canada
Title: Senior Research Scientist and Director of Public Health Risk Sciences Division
Role: Research focusing on assessing risk and impacts of climate change on zoonoses and vector-borne diseases
Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada
Title: Acting Manager, Patient Safety and Risk Communications Section
Role: Oversee a team of healthcare professionals (pharmaicsts and nurse) and scientific staff who (a) assess medication incidents related to name, package and label of health products; and (b)coordinate the development of risk communications targeted to...
Organization: Health Canada
Role: Post-market prescription drug safety surveillance.
Organization: Health Canada
Location: NCR
Title: A/Problematic Prescription Drug Use Team Lead & Food Surveillance Expert
Role: Working within the Controlled Substances Program on the Problematic Prescription Drug Use file as well as acting as an expert on the food surveillance front for the International Protected Persons Program. 
Organization: Health Canada
Title: Senior Clinical Evaluator
Role: Clinical review of new therapeutic products seeking market authorization in Canada.
Organization: Health Canada