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Title: Research Scientist
Role: Conducts original research to develop or refine ecosystem-level models that describe the long-term influence of agroecosystem management on environmental health, initially focusing on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon sequestration, and atmospheric...
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Title: Deputy Director - Science and Technology, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Role: Manager of science activities, direction, and policy of the science and technology subdivision within the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: Ottawa
Title: Research scientist
Role: Dairy Production: Integration of cow nutrition, metabolism and health as well as environmental impacts of diets
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Title: Research scientist
Role: By using new biochemical and nutrigenomic approaches, his research program, always focused on the study of micronutrients (vitamins and trace minerals) aims to improve the litter homogeneity at birth and the robustness (health) of piglets in pre and post...
Organization: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Title: Senior Science Advisor, Fish Population Science
Role: Canadian fisheries science advice for major fish stocks. A lead for the Science Sector response to, and development of guidance in support of, the precautionary approach to fisheries management and the newly revised Fisheries Act.
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Location: Ottawa, ON