Title: Research Geoscientist
Role: Seismic methods; seismic processing; seismic modeling; quantitative seismic interpretation; physical properties of geological media
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: 490, rue de la Couronne, Quebec City, Qc, G1K 9A9
Title: Research Scientist
Role: I study bedrock geology using geochemistry. I also develop maps and techniques that can guide mineral exploration.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Title: Head, Energy Geoscience Subdivision, GSC-Calgary
Role: As the Energy Gescience Subdivision Head at GSC-Calgary, I have several responsibilities and accountabilities: 1. Work with GSC-Calgary  management to finalize a strategic HR plan for 2018-2023 that addresses organizational and business line priorities,...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada