Title: Research scientist
Role: Lead of research and development program investigating aquatic animal viruses and their disease ecology using genomic tools to advance aquatic animal health, recovery of species at risk and control of invasive species.
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Location: 501 University Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N6 Canada
Title: Research Scientist, Arctic Ecosystems and Biotracers
Role: Lisa conducts research that focuses on characterizing beluga health as means to understand ecosystem health in the Western Canadian Arctic. She combines food web biotracers and habitat modeling to gain insight into predator-prey interactions and...
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Location: Winnipeg MB
Title: Research Scientist
Role: Remote sensing research and development focussed at the extraction of information from radar images for subsequent application in support of natural resource and environmental management.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Senior epidemiologist
Role: National coordination of surveillance for domestic (e.g. West Nile , California serogroup, and Eastern equine encephalitis viruses) and travel-related mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. chikungunya, dengue, Zika) Assessment of risk posed by domestic and...
Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada
Location: 180 Queen St. West, 11th floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3L7
Title: Integrated Coastal Zone Management Coordinator
Role: I manage marine protected area files in collaborative governance and management arrangements with Indigenous governments; lead the coordination of external and internal engagement and consultations processes; and provide science-based advice to senior...
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Title: Aquatic Science Technician
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Location: Miramichi, New Brunswick
Title: Research Scientist
Role: I work on a variety of wildlife health issues across Canada. Much of my work focuses on contaminants and pathogens in seabirds, including plastic pollution. I lead the northern seabird contaminants long term monitoring program, and have several projects...
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Location: Ottawa, ON
Title: Research Scientist - Landscape ecologist: climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for terrestrial biodiversity conservation
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Title: Research Scientist - Polar Bear Ecology and Arctic Marine Ecosystems
Role: Create new scientific knowledge in wildlife ecology, conservation and management, particularly polar bears and seals, by formulating new concepts, theories, approaches and hypotheses, and by designing, planning and conducting innovative, original...
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Location: Biological Sciences Building, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)
Title: Marine Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation Specialist
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Location: Mount Pearl, NL