Title: Deputy Director General
Role: Leading operational activities to support the delivery of CanmetENERGY's science and technology program in energy efficiency, alternative energy and clean conventional energy.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Fuels Chemist
Role: Fuels Chemist with the Characterization Laboratory, specializing in analysis and analytical method development for: pyrolysis oils bio-jet bio-diesel Previous member of DeNOx group, producing heterogeneous catalysts for removal of NO & NO2 from...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Chief - Science and Technology Program Management
Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Location: Fontaine Building (Gatineau, QC)
Title: Research Scientist and Lab Leader
Role: Genetic Toxicology
Organization: Health Canada
Title: Project Leader
Role: Research in the field of building energy efficiency
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Research Scientist
Role: Research and development in forest biorefinery and industrial process optimization, Projects Manager
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Senior Science Advisor, Fish Population Science
Role: Canadian fisheries science advice for major fish stocks. A lead for the Science Sector response to, and development of guidance in support of, the precautionary approach to fisheries management and the newly revised Fisheries Act.
Organization: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Location: Ottawa, ON
Title: Director
Role: Research on hydrocarbon conversion, oil sands upgrading and petroleum processing.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Housing Team Project Officer
Role: Residential heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energy systems research
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Research Engineer
Role: My role is to plan and perform applied research in the field of biomass thermochemical conversion to produce a suite of energy streams and bioproducts from Canadian biomass residues.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada