Title: Chef de projet réseau intelligent | Smart Grid Project Leader
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: CanmetENERGY, Varennes, Quebec
Title: Research Scientist
Role: My research involves the area of intelligent buildings, particularly modelling of building systems and predictive control strategies, energy and load management, control of energy storage devices and building-grid interaction.
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Location: CanmetENERGY - Varennes, Québec
Title: Manager, Housing & Buildings R&D
Role: As R&D Manager, Meli is responsible for 16 researchers and engineers involved in research leading to the development of technologies as well as innovative tools that support the implementation of these technologies for the design and retrofit of...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada
Title: Senior Research Engineer
Role: I am a Senior Research Engineer at CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada and a member of the Buildings and Renewables Group.  Since joining NRCan in 1999, my research focus is on the development and performance assessment of innovative energy efficiency...
Organization: Natural Resources Canada