Cereals and Pulses

Successful solutions

  • For the 2017 crop year, Swift Current developed varieties that accounted for over half of the Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat seeded on the Canadian Prairies (4,879,544 acres), 89% of the seeded Canadian Western Amber Durum (CWAD) (2,566,781 acres) and 68% of the Canadian Prairie Spring (CPS) wheat (422,417 acres). AAC Brandon, a Swift Current CWRS variety registered in 2013, accounted for 24% of all seeded acres in that class.
  • Registered varieties developed at Swift Current and planted in 2017 include: 29 Canadian Western Red Spring; 18 Canada Western Amber Durum, 1 Canada Prairie Spring wheat, 1 Canada Northern Hard Red spring wheat, 3 rye and 3 triticale.