Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre Infographic

Sherbrooke RDC Infographic
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  • Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
  • Established in 1914
  • Total staff: 105
  • Includes: 19 researchers
  • Is the only AAFC Research and Development Centre that is dedicated exclusively to dairy and swine production
  • Research focuses on:
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Nutrition and Functional Genomics
    • In support of 1 sector science strategy
      • Dairy, Pork, Poultry and Other Livestock
        • Enhance the sector's productivity and environmental performance
          • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient excretion from cows
            • Reduce swine excretion and odours
              • Dairy and swine research focuses on disease resistance, animal welfare, sow productivity, cow lactation and persistency and effectiveness of cow and pork inputs
        • Improving food and non-food attributes
        • Dealing with the risks of value chains
          • Identifying and developing value-added attributes in pork carcasses and meat quality. Also improving quality for food and non-food uses throughout the food chain
          • Improving cow and swine health and milk safety by reducing antibiotics; reducing the risk of disease from pathogens; and by the conservation of genetic resources and safety
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