Saskatoon Research and Development Centre Infographic

Saskatoon RDC Infographic
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  • Saskatoon Research and Development Centre (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • Established in 1917
  • Total staff: 201
  • Includes: 36 researchers
  • 3 Satellite locations
    • Melfort Research Farm, Melfort
    • Scott Research Farm, Scott (Saskatoon RDC-Scott is a minor use pesticides program site)
    • Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre (CSIDC), Outlook
  • Research focuses on:
    • Crop Management Development
    • Agro-Ecosystem Resilience
    • Biodiversirty and Biresources
  • In support of 4 sector science strategies
    • Oilseeds
      • Researching agronomy, crop management and variety development fosters new areas of opportunity and keeps the oilseed sector competitive
      • New crops adapted to the Prairies (Brassica carinata and Camelina sativa) are creating novel products and expanding markets for oilseed crops
    • Agro-Ecosystem Resilience
      • Enhancing environmental performance and sustainability of oilseed production systems through:
        • Development of land
        • Crop management
        • Improved productivity and efficiency
    • Biodiversity and Bioresources
      • Acquiring and characterizing plant and animal germplasm to identify characteristics for science and breeding programs
        • Agricultural crops
        • Home of:
          • National headquarters
          • Plant Gene Resources of Canada (PGRC)
          • Canadian Animal Genetic Resource (CAGR)
    • Clean Technologies
      • Contributing to clean growth and a reduction in Canada’s GHG footprint by:
        • Adding value to crop biomass feedstock;
        • Developing and evaluating microbial agents for biological control of
          weeds, pests, and pathogens;
        • Supporting climate change mitigation through application of precision
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