Clean technologies

Successful solutions

  • Established Camelina sativa as a new industrial oilseed in Canada; collected, conserved diversity and developed breeding programs for Brassica carinata, C. sativa and related species; developed biorefinery concept for industrial oilseeds including sustainability and assessments.
  • Extracted nanocrystals from flax and hemp fibres to create biodegradable, renewable nanofillers for use in industrial products.
  • Biological, chemical, and enzymatic methods for pretreatment of Brassica straws and other feedstocks for bioethanol production.
  • Developed and released a soil bacterium and a fungus as bioherbicides for grassy weed and broadleaved weed control to industry. Developed new tool for molecular diagnosis of plant diseases; identified bacteria to control Botrytis cinerea on tomato, a fungus that causes postharvest diseases; provided registration data for baculovirus (greenhouse insect control).
  • Developed pilot plant process to extract insecticidal ingredients from pea flour (also produces less astringent tasting white pea flour and pea lecithin).
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