Agro-Ecosystem Resilience


Research aims to enhance the environmental performance and sustainability of oilseed production systems. This includes the development of land and crop management practices to improve productivity and efficiency, irrigation strategies and our fundamental understanding of nutrient dynamics in agroecosystems.

Successful solutions

  • Developed bio-climate models: identify areas at risk from invasive pests, areas for biocontrol strategies; assess the impacts of climate change on integrated crop management. Conducted a synthesis and model of plant-pest-weather interactions.

  • Developed best management practices that reduce costs and pesticide use, enhance performance, and provide decision support for industry.

  • Enhanced knowledge of interactions between farm practices and biogeochemical processes that control nutrient cycling, influence crop and soil quality, greenhouse gas production and transform/transport contaminants.

  • Developed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) toolkit to manage wheat midge and alternative cropping systems to reduce chemical use by farmers.