National Laboratory for Marine and Coastal Meteorology

The National Laboratory for Marine and Coastal Meteorology was formed in 2004. It is one of six Environment and Climate Change Canada laboratories focussing on meteorological research and is co-located with the Environment and Climate Change Canada Storm Prediction Centre in Dartmouth. Its mission is to provide improved scientific understanding and prediction of high-impact meteorology in marine and coastal environments in Canada.

The Laboratory evolved out of the 1998 Atlantic Environmental Prediction Research Initiative, which increased meteorological research capacity across Canada by following a strategy of multidisciplinary research through collaborations with universities and other partners.

Scientific goals include:

  • Improved prediction of meteorological phenomena associated with tropical and extra-tropical systems
  • Improved prediction of high-impact marine and coastal weather events on sub-synoptic spatial scales
  • Increased physical understanding of ocean-atmosphere interactions

The Laboratory provides research to address scientific issues among ECCC's Storm Prediction Centres and to facilitate technology transfer into operations for improved service to Canadians.

Queens Square, 45 Alderney Drive
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2N6