Cereal and Pulse / Oilseeds


Research is increasing the productivity of cereal, pulse and crops throughout the value chain by developing enhanced germplasm, mitigating crop losses due to diseases and improving food quality. Scientists are identifying and using new resistance genes to reduce losses from pests and disease, addressing threats to the value chain (insects and mycotoxins in stored grains),and developing integrated crop management tools (nutrient and pest management, agronomy) to support the production of major crops grown in western Canada.

Successful solutions

  • Discovered rust-resistant genes (leaf and stem rust in wheat; stem and crown rust in oat) and developed DNA markers for several of these genes. This will help scientists develop disease resistant varieties.

  • Identified the new strain of Ug99 stem rust in Africa as a threat to Canadian wheat production; found three novel sources of resistance; identified and mapped the resistant gene.

  • Identified regions in the genome contributing Fusarium Head Blight resistance in spring and durum wheat; the location of the chromosome of a number of resistance genes for smut and bunt pathogens in wheat and barley; characterized ergot resistance in wheat.

  • Developed germplasm for multiple disease resistance to common bacterial blight, anthracnose and bean common mosaic virus.