Scientists are identifying Canadian crops and agri-food products with bioactive or functional properties of economic interest, studying their nutritional and physiochemical properties, and their bio-functional health and wellness benefits. This identification of food attributes helps to differentiate Canadian agri-food products and ingredients while meeting quality and cost requirements.

Successful solutions

  • Demonstrated the role of resveratrol, found in grapes and other berries, in preventing and regressing heart disease caused by hypertension and early stage type two diabetes. This influenced clinical studies on the use of resveratrol in humans with heart disease.

  • Established a cell-based model to help scientists pre-screen agri-food extracts before progressing to more expensive in vivo experiments in animal models.

  • Established techniques to determine the amount of total anthocyanins (antioxidants found in red/purple fruits and vegetables that protect heart heath), and separated them from other polyphenols (micronutrients) in an extract.