Forages and Beef / Dairy, Pork, Poultry and Other Livestock

Lethbridge RDC has a national mandate for research on feedlot finishing of beef cattle, with a focus on enhancing productivity, reducing adverse environmental impacts, addressing concerns regarding food safety (with a production focus), including antibiotic resistance, animal health and welfare, and mitigating disease threats and their vectors.

Successful solutions

  • Conducted research on compost disposal of livestock carcasses as a safe and economical method for materials posing an environmental or social risk during emergency situations.
  • Influenced and improved practices in the industry: the cattle sector has adopted recommendations and best management practices in cattle welfare and transportation based on our research.
  • Developed new products and processes to meet consumers’ expectations of food safety regulations, which has led to proper identification of food-borne human pathogens, epidemiology and tracking of confirmed contaminations along the food chain, from feedlots to retailers.
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