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  • Lacombe Research and Development Centre (Lacombe, Alberta)
  • Established in 1907
  • Total staff: 112
  • Includes: 22 researchers
  • 1 Satellite location
    • Beaverlodge Research Farm
  • Research focuses on:
    • Livestock and Meat Production
      • Meat Quality
      • Reduce Environmental Impact of Livestock Production
      • Microbiological Safety of Meat
    • Honey Bee Health and Management
      • Integrated Crop Systems
        • Plant Breeding
        • Agronomic Practices
        • Development of Plants with Superior Disease Resistance
  • Forages and Beef; Dairy, Pork, Poultry and Other Livestock
    • Livestock research is improving the economic stability of beef and swine production by
      • Increasing the value, yield and quality of pasture and forage resources
      • Enhancing Canadian pork competitiveness through the value chain
        • While lowering production costs
  • Agri-Food
    • Developing sustainable meat production systems by
      • Conducting research on meat production, quality, preservation and safety
      • Enhancing microbiological safety and storage stability of meat
  • Cereal and Pulse; Oilseeds; Agro-Ecosystem Resilience
    • Scientists are evaluating
      • Canola, cereal and field pea breeding lines and germplasm with improved disease resistance, adapted to Northern and Parkland short-season environments of Western Canada
      • Northern and Parkland agriculture focuses on integrated field crop, forage, weed, plant disease, insect pest management strategies and field pea breeding
  • Contact Information



6000 C and E Trail
Lacombe, AB T4L 1W1
(403) 782-8100

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