Forages and beef / Dairy, pork, poultry and other livestock

Successful solutions

  • Created a beef genomic research centre with the University of Alberta.
  • Developed feeding strategies to: enrich omega-3 in beef and pork; feed dried distillers grains (bioethanol by-product) to beef and pork.
  • Developed swath grazing techniques (adopted by 35–50% of Alberta beef producers): reduce overwintering costs (40–50%) and fossil fuel use (50%).
  • Established ways to reduce the environmental footprint and the contribution of forage-beef management to carbon sequestration and nitrous oxide emission.
  • Improved management of American foulbrood disease of honey bee including: diagnostics, mitigation strategies, and registration of alternative antibiotics.
  • Developed strategies to control Nosema ceranae, a new honey bee parasite.
  • Discovered genomic tools to breed honey bees for improved resistance to the parasitic mite Varroa destructor and to brood diseases.
  • Created the National Bee Diagnostic Centre at Beaverlodge Research Farm, in partnership with Grande Prairie Regional College and industry.
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