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Scientists are evaluating canola, cereal and field pea breeding lines and germplasm with improved disease resistance, adapted to the Northern and Parkland short-season environments of western Canada. Agro-ecosystem research includes watershed and landscape assessment and management planning. Northern and Parkland agriculture focuses on integrated field crop, forage, weed, plant disease, insect pest management strategies, and field pea breeding.

Successful solutions:

  • Integrated agronomic, pest management and genetic factors to enhance malt barley yield and quality.
  • Assessed the productivity, quality and economic impacts of crop and pest management strategies in multiple cropping systems.
  • Developed management practices for canola production (reduced nitrogen use; cropping system recommendation, mitigate the impacts of canola diseases).
  • Partnered with Province and industry to register eight Minor Use herbicides for forage seed production.
  • Released pea varieties for export markets adapted to the Parkland region and the black soil zone.
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