King City Weather Radar Station

The King City weather radar station was formed in 1984. It is located north of Toronto along the Oak Ridges Moraine. It is a 16.45-ha site housing ECCC weather radar research scientists and staff.

The C-band Doppler radar, a central feature of the site, was modernized in 2004 to include dual polarization technology. It is used to provide data for weather forecasting, climate prediction research and satellite applications. Dual polarization technology provides weather forecasters with new information so they can more accurately identify, track, assess, and warn the public of high impact weather.

At this site, ECCC staff provide national leadership on radar meteorology research applications using weather radar for detection and short-term forecasting of high-impact weather events, quantitative precipitation estimation, and satellite validation.

14780 Jane Street
King City, ON L7B 1A3