Scientists develop integrated cropping systems suited to the Atlantic Region with a focus on the potato crop. Many of the cropping systems studied include cereals, oilseeds, pulses and forages as part of a rotation involving horticultural crops. Disease, insect and weed pressure are studied for their impacts on horticulture crops.

Successful solutions

  • Developing effective pest management strategies to decrease losses and increase environmental sustainability of potato and vegetable production, including economically important pests such as wireworms and corn borer.

  • Developed the NELT™ trap (Noronha Elaterid Light Trap) for reducing wireworm populations by selectively trapping click beetles – the adult form of wireworms.

  • Conducting organic cropping system research on certified organic research land that includes reduced tillage and direct seeding practices and alternate weed control methods.

  • Evaluating hops and malting barley varieties and the optimal agronomic practices required for producers to supply the craft brewing industry in the region.