Dairy, pork, poultry and other livestock

Successful solutions:

Enhancing the Sector’s Productivity  

  • Identified B-complex vitamin requirements for high-production cows.
  • Reviewed essential amino acid requirements for cows.
  • Identified fatty acid requirements in fertility control for cows.
  • Enhanced knowledge in genetics, physiology and biochemistry of dairy production.
  • Identified vitamin requirements for sows and boars.
  • Developed an individual feeding system for animals housed in groups (pork).
  • Enhanced knowledge of lactation physiology in sows.

Enhancing environmental performance

  • Developed a procedure for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in cows.
  • Developed an anaerobic digestion system for animal waste. The key feature of this system is that it can function at low temperatures.

Improving food and non-food attributes

  • Discovered genetic markers for meat quality (pork).

Dealing with the risks of the value chain

  • Developed a DNA vaccine against bovine mastitis.
  • Worked on animal behaviour to contribute to high-quality meat.
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