Kentville Research and Development Centre Infographic

Kentville Research and Development Centre Infographic

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  • Kentville Research and Development Centre (Kentville, Nova Scotia)

  • Established in 1911

  • A minor use pesticides site that conducts research trials on potential solutions to grower-identified pest problems

  • 1 Satelite location in Nappan Research Farm

    • Focus on forage and livestock management

  • Total Staff: 73

  • Includes: 20┬áresearchers

  • Research focuses on:

    • Primary Production

    • Germplasm Development

    • Postharvest Storage

    • Food Attributes and Safety

    • Integrated Pest Management

    • Plant Pathology

  • Horticulture
    • Developing new cultivated varieties of small fruits to optimize primary production techniques, increase yields, and minimize losses Agri-Food

      • Sensory quality

  • Agri-Food
    • Research is conducted to develop opportunities related to:

      • Health-promoting phytochemicals in horticultural crops

      • Mitigate microbiological contamination

      • Investigate natural antimicrobials of bacterial

        and plant origin

      • Develop postharvest technologies to maintain

        fruit and vegetable quality

  • Agro-Ecosystem Resilience

    • Identifying, monitoring, and integrating crop management strategies to:

      • Optimize agricultural inputs

      • Enhance crop productivity

      • Improve soil/water quality

      • Manage nutrients in wetlands

      • Reduce pest impacts

      • Mitigate greenhouse gases and adaptation to climate change

  • Forages and Beef

    • Developing new germplasm and utilizing novel technologies to understand forage/ruminant interaction at the molecular and metabolic level and their impact on the productivity of production systems

  • Biodiversity and Bioresources

    • Improving productivity, quality, and resiliency of berry crops and tree fruits by identifying sources of genetic variability to support genetic improvement

    • Modifying the landscape to enhance pollinator populations to support the productive capacity of the agricultural sector

  • Contact Information:

32 Main Street
Kentville, NS B4N 1J5
(902) 365-8555

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